What are the specifications of ton tank? What specifications are commonly used for IBC tank?

Ton tanks are one of the important carriers for liquid transportation in modern industrial systems. Ton tank are widely used in industries such as food, chemical, and petroleum due to their advantages of easy stacking, excellent chemical properties, strong protection, and large transfer capacity. So what are the specifications of ton tanks? What are the commonly used specifications?

Composition and dimensions of ton tank

In general, a ton tank is composed of a plastic container, inlet and outlet valves, a metal frame, and a bottom tray. The plastic content is mainly filled with liquid and protected by metal frames and pallets, while also facilitating stacking between ton tank. The size of ton tank is generally designed according to international dimensions.



The IBC ton tank produced by Century Hengtai Fu Plastic Industry have undergone comprehensive upgrades on this basis. The content container uses high-density polyethylene, with three layers of co extrusion forming in one go, making it cleaner and upgraded in all aspects of performance; Add corner guards and valve guards to enhance protection; The metal frame is formed by high-strength galvanized pipe AC welding, significantly improving its protective performance; The bottom tray is stamped with galvanized steel plate, with excellent load-bearing performance.

Common specifications for ton tank

The common specification for ton tank is 1200 × 1000 × 1145 (mm), the general volume is 1000L, so the ton tank is also known as a thousand tank. Of course, there will also be other manufacturers producing some other specifications of ton tank, such as 500L ton tank, 1500L ton tank, etc. Although the specifications are different, the components are basically the same. The size specification of a 500L ton tank is generally 1000 * 640 * 1150 (mm); The size of a 1500L ton tank is usually 1200 × 1000 × 1620 (mm).

The above is about the dimensions and commonly used specifications of ton tank. We hope it can be helpful for customers who use ton tank. Of course, if you want to learn more about ton tank, you can call the contact information on our website's homepage to continue detailed consultation. If you have other stacking bucket needs, you can also consult.