What is a stacking bucket and what are the advantages of plastic stacking buckets?

There are many types of plastic buckets, and the plastic materials used are also different. The main materials used are polyethylene and polypropylene. And the stacking bucket is a type of plastic bucket, they have a very big difference, so what is the stacking bucket? What are the advantages of stacking barrels?



What is a stacking bucket?


Stacking bucket is a plastic bucket that can be stacked, stored, and transported, playing a significant role in the industrial field. The material used is generally HDPE, also known as high-density polyethylene, which is formed into a barrel shape through blow molding process, and the colors are generally white and blue. Commonly used in food, beverage, chemical, petroleum, medical and other fields.



Advantages of Stacking Buckets


Stacking buckets can be stacked and stored in the warehouse, greatly utilizing spatial layout. The materials used in the stacking barrels of Shiji Heng Plastic Industry meet the national food grade raw materials; The multi-layer co extrusion process greatly improves the performance of the product; Radial and axial wall thickness control at 100 points for more uniform wall thickness; The reinforcement design of the stacking bucket is load-bearing and the stacking is more stable; Production automation products are cleaner.


1. The product color is round and full, and the color of the barrel is corrected using food and color masterbatch to make the product color more uniform.

2. The automated production workshop has strict cleanliness standards to avoid the mixing of dust and impurities during the production process.

3. High standard and strict testing should be conducted, including low-temperature testing, vibration testing, stacking testing, airtightness testing, and drop testing, to avoid liquid leakage during transportation of stacking barrels, especially for the transportation of some hazardous chemicals.

4. Barrel shaped reinforcement design provides more stable load-bearing and stacking. At the beginning of the design, Shiji Heng Plastics considered how to maximize the utilization of space in the stacking bucket, making a qualitative breakthrough in product load-bearing and stacking.

5. Automated production, with more uniform radial and wall thickness, increases the stability and protection of stacking barrels.

6. First, undergo machine inspection and then manual testing to ensure product quality and ensure that there are no issues with product appearance such as magazine or deformation.

7. The barrel cover is sealed with multiple layers, and is composed of half pull ear aluminum foil gasket, high barrier aluminum foil gasket, foam gasket, etc.