The difference between plastic pallets and wooden pallets

Pallets are an indispensable transportation medium in the logistics transportation system, which can transform static goods into dynamically transportable states, making it convenient for us to transport large quantities of goods. They are a very important part of our industrial transportation. So common pallets are wooden pallets and plastic pallets, which have their own advantages, disadvantages, and applicable environments. Today, I will introduce their advantages and disadvantages to everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden pallets

The advantages of wooden pallets: they are relatively cheap, easy to make, have good practicality in finished products, and can be used for product maintenance.

Disadvantages of wooden pallets: Wooden products are prone to moisture, mold, and insect infestation, and cannot be cleaned with water. Problems such as wood damage and detachment, and corrosion of metal parts such as screws cannot be solved temporarily. Wooden pallets are also prone to contaminating products..


Advantages and disadvantages of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are divided into injection molded discs and blow molded discs

The injection molding tray has complete domestic technology, easy structure adjustment, and is widely used.

Blow molded pallets have excellent impact resistance and low temperature resistance, making them more suitable for enterprises with high automation in Chengdu, such as petrochemical industry.

The advantages of plastic pallets include excellent overall performance, good resistance to high and low temperatures, corrosion, moisture, insects, and load-bearing properties. They have a long service life, which is 3-8 times that of wooden pallets. They are easy to clean, recyclable, and have a lower disposable cost than wooden pallets.

Disadvantages of plastic pallets: Plastic pallets are expensive and use non degradable materials, which can cause significant environmental pollution.



The difference between plastic pallets and wooden pallets

1. Durability: The service life of plastic pallets is several times that of ordinary wooden pallets. Long term use of plastic pallets is more cost-effective, otherwise wooden pallets can be chosen..

2. Reliability: The reliability of plastic tray structures is much better than that of wooden trays. The damage rate is also lower than that of wooden pallets, and there is basically no pollution loss caused to materials due to pallet damage. The difference in weight between plastic pallets and wooden pallets of the same specification is not particularly significant, and plastic pallets are relatively lighter than wooden pallets, which can also slightly save on transportation costs.

3. Hygiene: Plastic pallets have good integrity and are easy to clean. Compared to wooden pallets, they avoid corrosion from nails and iron sheets, have better acid and alkali resistance, and will not be damaged by termites. After being contaminated, they can be fully cleaned and can continue to be used.

4. Speciality: Plastic pallets are more popular in certain industries, such as food, medicine, warehouse, machinery, etc. They can also be customized according to the factory's requirements, such as adding the factory's logo or changing the color of the pallet.

5. Recycling: Old plastic pallets or damaged ones can be replaced with corresponding sales companies. Hebei Hengtai Fu Plastic Industry has a "three for one new" business. After three years of correct use, if there is any damage, you can replace three old pallets with a new plastic pallet, which is very convenient and cost-effective, greatly reducing operating costs.

6. Environmental protection: Plastic pallets are not as environmentally friendly as wooden pallets, but in contrast, plastic pallets can be recycled and then recast, or used to produce other plastic products. Moreover, the increase in the proportion of plastic pallets can effectively reduce the use of trees for making wooden pallets, indirectly affecting the environment.


The above are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic pallets and wooden pallets, as well as the differences between them. Before purchasing a pallet, everyone should confirm the specific material to use based on the usage environment. Of course, if you need to consider plastic pallets, you can contact Century Hengtai Fu Plastic Industry, and we will provide you with high-quality products and services.