The 12th China Petrochemical Equipment Procurement International Exhibition was a complete success!

From March 29th to 30th, 2023, the 12th China Petrochemical Equipment Procurement International Summit and Exhibition successfully concluded. We look forward to meeting you again.

At the Century Heng Plastic Industry booth, customers from all over the country appeared in the exhibition area, and the booth was bustling with people! Continuous consultation. The sales elites of Century Heng are overwhelmed and never tire of it! On site explanation of product features to customers. The products and promotional materials displayed on site have attracted many visiting guests to stop, read and consult. The staff of Century Heng Plastics Industry have provided enthusiastic and patient answers, and the exhibition area is bustling with people, with high popularity.

The sales elites always patiently explain products to every customer, answer their questions in detail, listen to their demands, and actively provide suitable solutions for each customer.

Hebei Century Hengtai Fu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., as a well-known plastic packaging production enterprise in China, has always adhered to the principle of putting products first and quality at the core, strictly controlling product quality, and providing customers with high-quality products! Although the exhibition has come to an end, the excitement will never come to an end. Century Heng Plastics will continue to work together with you to create brilliance!