The 2023 China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition was a great success!



On March 17, 2023, the 26th China International Food additives and Ingredients Exhibition officially ended at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. In this exhibition, Hebei century hengtaifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. brought 2-200l plastic barrels and IBC ton barrels. Excellent product quality and process technology have made customers stop to ask, which has aroused strong interest of customers at home and abroad.




The exhibition has made great achievements for century Heng plastics industry. From the layout and development of the exhibition hall to the closing of the exhibition, every century Heng person has devoted his seriousness and enthusiasm to make the best effect of the exhibition. Our products have also been loved and affirmed by people in the industry. Thank you for supporting our new and old customers, taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our booth, and thank you for your unchanging sincerity and care.



We believe that the end of the exhibition is just the beginning of us. There is something promising at present and the future can be expected. Century Heng plastics will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, and provide customers with better products and more comprehensive packaging solutions with better service and full confidence!